Factors that boost personality development

Personality Development The Academia 1“Personality”, this word directly connects us to a person’s nature, the characteristic patterns of thought, emotion and behavior that make an individual unique. How friendly, outgoing, creative or likeable a person is. People’s communication skills and body language also define their personality. Different factors lead to the formation of an individual’s personality.

Two most significant factors that influence the development of personality are genetics and environment. Some of the genetically inherited physical and mental capabilities put an impact on shaping one’s personality. If someone is not good at something and he/she often faces negligence for it, it is more likely for the person to become more pessimistic about his/her capabilities. Someone may take it as a challenge and try to win over the shortcomings he/she has or for some others, it can make them to shy away from public. Similarly, health and physical appearance can also play a part in personality development.

The environment in which a child is raised also has an influence on the development of personality. The society and culture that one lives help to shape the morals, values and beliefs that he/she adopts leading to the formation of behavior and personality. The way a child is brought up also majorly impact shaping his/her personality. Moreover, the economic condition of the family, type of relations between the parents etc. can also influence the child’s personality development.

Personal experiences play a crucial role in shaping one’s personality. Negative experiences affect negatively in personality development while positive experiences act positively towards developing personality.

Although an individual’s personality mostly takes shape during his/her childhood, it’s a lifelong process. Different traits of personality change at different phases of life depending on the experiences one gains. It is important for people to analyze their own personality type so that they can find out on which areas of their personality they need to work on. Because a good personality helps you grow your personal and social relationships better, can earn you respect in life and can help you making a good career.