How to select from multiple job offers

How to select from multiple job offers

How to select from multiple job offersIt is not easy to find a job but there comes situation when you have to select from multiple job offers. You may also face similar situation at some point of time. But it’s a tough decision to make. Because, there may be numbers of choices that can lure you. So, here are a few things that can be considered while taking a decision.

Among the offers, it is obvious for you to be inclined much towards the highly paid one. But money is not the only thing. You should also consider other factors which will have an impact on your life in the long run. Compare all the offers you have in terms of salary, benefits and vacations. May be someone is paying you high salary, but they need you to work extra hours with hardly any vacation where you can lose your work/life balance. There is another which offers a less salary, but they provide you other benefit plans and good amount of vacations. Now it’s up to you to decide which offer suits you the best.

Does your commute time matter to you? May be you have liked everything about a job offer, but the only thing is that it needs you to travel a long distance to the office, whereas another is paying you little less but not too far from you. If you are not so much comfortable traveling surely you are likely to give a rethink before accepting any offer.

How much career growth will you get in the job? Think if you accept the job what will you gain or what may you lose.

Check whether you want to accept an offer where the job is good but the people are not or one where people are good but the job is not.

Think whether you want to go for an attractive job offer that diverts you from your desired path or the one that is not less attractive but leads to your desired path.

Whether you are ready to step outside your comfort zone and gain new experiences in different field or want to stick to your older one.

If company longevity matters to you or are you ready to work with someone new in the market.

These are the few points that can be taken into consideration while someone faces a situation like selecting a job from multiple offers. But do not spend lot of time sitting confused which offer you should pick, because nobody would like to wait for you more than three-four days as they need to fill the vacant position as early as possible and get on with the work at hand. So, the employers will definitely walk ahead with the second choice they have and thus all the options may slip out of your hand.

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