Being predictable at interviews can kill your chances

Being predictable at interviews can kill your chances

Stop being predictable

It is often seen that candidates give almost the same answers to most of the standard interview questions. Be it the fear generated by huge competition or lack of jobs or the fear of losing the chance if given an answer outside the one assumed to be the “right one”, most of the candidates performing same as like robots. But in reality, it’s only lessening their chances of getting a job since employers normally look for someone who have something different in him/her that separates the person from others.

Build ConfidenceUndoubtedly your educational qualifications are always taken into account, but what make you separate from others are your personal qualities and values. So, focusing on developing your personality is very important. You should develop clarity and confidence about who you are, what your existing limitations are, what your aspirations are, what interests or excites you so that you can strategically approach towards getting a job or career of your choice.

It is also necessary for educational institutions to incorporate courses which can help students to build confidence and encourage positivity, flexibility and open-mindedness in them which will help them perform better in a job interview or in living a better life as a whole.

At the end it can be said while facing an interview if you use your personality and genuine beliefs, rather than sticking to the regular norms of answering a query, you are more likely to get selected. You will be seen as more interested and likely to be found interesting.