Writing a good Resume

Writing a Good Resume

Writing a good Resume

A resume is a written presentation of your education and skills to a prospective employer. But, many candidates do not pay much attention towards preparing it in a proper way, which may result in they do not get calls for interviews and lost their opportunity to present themselves as probable choice for the job.

While preparing a resume few things should always be remembered.

An employer would not spend more than 30 seconds to look at your resume. So, it should be precise and clear including only the necessary and relevant information.   

Through resumes you are marketing yourself. You have to sell your skills, abilities, education and experience to employers. So, it needs to be attractive. But it does not mean you are using color papers or color prints. If need to highlight something, you can bold, italicize or underline it.

Any type of grammatical or spelling mistake in your resume will put a bad impression in the mind of the employer. So before printing it out it is wise to cross check it carefully.

It is very important to give true and correct information in the resume. While applying for a particular job, try to mould your resume as highlighting your relevant skills for that job.

Information that should be included in a resume:

You should start a resume with your contact information like your name, address, phone- number and e-mail id.

Follow it with a concise employment goal or job objective. Including this part is not so much necessary for candidates with experience of more than 4-5 years.

Then come the educational qualification and training part. Here you can precisely include your passing years, division and percentage obtained, name of the institution, board and university. If you have done any professional training mention it with course and institution name and duration.

If you have any prior work experience, give details of it. Include organization name, designation, time period, job responsibility, and special achievement if any.

Next give details about additional skills you possess like languages known, voluntary works done, membership in professional organization etc.

Some personal information should be included towards the end where you can give your parent’s name, present and permanent address, religion, travelling places if any, hobbies etc.

To finish with, whenever you submit a resume, do not forget to paste one recent passport size photo of yours which is shot in a formal outfit and to duly sign the resume.

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